Truimphant Return of Wisconsin Weds.

Okay, Wisconsin is this incredible hotbed of just insane crap happening. It’s a little microcosm that I think needs to be monitored because if it can happen in one state, it can happen in another. We need to learn from our cousins and try to keep our own state sane. (ha)

AFP Wisconsin ballots have late return date (Politico)

Wisc. Dems accuse AFP of election tampering (ontd_political)

Wisconsin Demonstrates Once Again that Democracy is Overrated for Some People. (ontd_political)

Walker Guy Stabs Protester’s Balloon and Bloodies Himself (ontd_political)

State Worker Arrested In Capitol Balloon Incident (Channel3000)

The triumphant return of Wisconsin Weds.

I haven’t done one of these posts for a couple of weeks. But, well, the Wisconsin oriented articles are piling up and I think they need to be shared. I’m actually separating it from the pure union stuff even, because the things happening in Wisconsin are a microcosm of the current US political climate.

Committee completes work on Gov. Scott Walker budget (ontd_political) — add tax cuts and cut spending. NO. DO NOT cut taxes. Just cut spending. Let’s see how that works first.

End of WiscNet? Joint Finance Eliminates UW-Madison WiscNet Office in DoIT (ontd_political)

AT&T lobbies Wisconsin GOP to nuke Wisconsin’s best-of-breed co-op ISP for educational institutions (boing boing)

Wisconsin GOP plotting to nominate spoiler Democratic candidates in recall elections (Boing Boing)

Wisconsin budget panel targets police, fire benefits (ontd_political) — brilliant. *rolls eyes*

Wisconsin Dems to announce that they will try to recall Scott Walker (ontd_political) — no? Really? It took them this long to come to this decision? I could have called this months ago.

Finance Committee Votes to Dismantle Family Planning in the State of Wisconsin (ontd_political)

A list of Wisconsin Senate Voter ID bill amendments tabled during debate (ontd_political)

Scott Walker wants you to die alone if you married the wrong person (boing boing)

Walker seeks to stop defense of state’s domestic partner registry (ontd_political)

Wisconsin Retirement Adds to Democrats’ Burden in Senate Races (NYT)

Wisconsin Union Protesters Disrupt Special Olympics Ceremony (ontd_political) — BAD protesters. Not the time or place.

Scott Walker Protects Wisconsin’s Taste Buds By Redefining the Rules of the Free Market (ontd_political)

Labor News Weds.

This whole thing started with monitoring the Wisconsin fight. Then, it started moving toward being more a way of monitoring things that are happening in the labor world. I’m not in a union. But I, of course, have at least one family member who is. (Quick count of hands, how many people have a family member in a union?)

I also appreciate what the unions have done for me in a larger sense. All of the hard-won fights that mean I’m not losing my fingers working on a machine or locked into a 12-16 hour day or forced to take care of my own health care or buy all my goods from the company store. I support the 40 hour work week (which again, is due to unions). I support a safe working environment and enough lighting and bathroom breaks. (Again, hello, union.) So, even if you aren’t in a union and you live in the US, you’re benefiting from the fight the labor unions have been waging for years.

This is what’s been running around this week on the labor front:

Newsflash: You can’t live on minimum wage! (ontd_political) – especially if you’ve got kids.

Grocery Store Workers Go On Hunger Strike Over Stagnant Wages (ontd_political)


PPP Poll: Wisconsin Wants To Recall Walker — And Put Dems In The State Senate (ontd_political)

Wisconsin Union Law Struck Down By County Circuit Judge (ontd_political)

Son of the Revenge of Wisconsin Weds.

Okay, not so much with the union issues on this one. This is more of a disenfranchisement issue:

Wisconsin Assembly passes voter ID bill (ontd_political)

For Real This Time: #Wisconsin finds $636 million in couch cushions (ontd_political) – And still the stupidity towards the workers continues. Funny how these numbers change every time you read them isn’t it?

‘Koch brothers’ confusion results in death threat for Iowa company (ontd_political) – Listen, kids, I know you’re passionate, but even if you had the *right* target, death threats *are not appropriate*. Are you listening? Threatening to kill your political enemies is what makes a terrorist. Don’t do that. Boycotts, protests, strongly-worded condemnations of political practices? Sure. Death threats are *wrong*.

Wondering at Wisconsin

Financial Martial Law In Wisconsin? Scott Walker In 2009: We Have To Look At ‘Eliminating County Government’ (ontd_political)

There are reasons why we have developed levels of government. Just because the local governments aren’t doing what you want them to do, you do not have the right to dissolve a duly elected government. That’s how democracy *works*, dearies.

Wis. election officials find no ‘major’ problems with county’s court votes (ontd_political)

Well, that’s a good thing. I think. Maybe. Of course, I’m sure there’ll be a conspiracy theory created in moments.

Randy Hopper Facing Recall Decides to Talk Dirty to Constituents to Save his Ass (ontd_political)

Um. Ooops. Might want to proof-read your posts a little more. While it’s amusing to *me* that he directed people to a sex-line, I don’t think I’d be as happy if I were one of his constituents. Although, if he’s *paying*?

Democrat on Waukesha County vote panel speaks out (ontd_political)

Union Blues, oh, and Wisconsin, it’s Weds. right?

The news from Wisconsin is slowing down a little bit. I’m not sure if that’s good or bad. Of course, the story is changing from the largest protests in my memory, to the story of possible corruption of both the legal and electoral processes. Still, it’s fascinating. And the political ramifications in a presidential election run up? *shakes head* Not something that can be ignored.


Winter Soldiers Outshine Sunshine Patriots as Palin’s Madison Rally Is Overwhelmed by Protest Crowd (ontd_political)

Scott Walker Admits Union-Busting Provision ‘Doesn’t Save Any’ Money For The State Of Wisconsin (ontd_political)

Something Smells In Waukesha County, Wisconsin– And It’s Not The Cheese (ontd_political)