How the Hell is this Art?

rotating kitchen from Zeger Reyers on Vimeo.

The Rotating Kitchen by Zeger Reyers started rotating last Friday and will continue to rotate until February 28th 2010.

The only “art” that was involved in this was the art of the con. 1) They got someone to pay them for the installation. 2) They’ve got publicity for it. 3) They’ve got people on the internet watching at and are gathering crowds to watch it in the gallery.

What this is? It’s a huge, ballsy con. And for that, I think I love it.

Where the Wild Bentos Are

Anna the Red has a gorgeous Where the Wild Things are Bento on her site.

She’s an incredible artist who happens to work with food. I don’t think I could actually eat a lunch she’s made. It just looks so darned cute. She does everything from video games, to books, to everyday things. She also gives instructions. Someday, when I’m feeling ambitious, I’ll try an Alice in Wonderland themed lunch or three… wonder what I should make the Cheshire cat out of.

Gorgeous Photography – June

NASA – Mars Rover Photo of the Earth and Moon

Okay maybe not “gorgeous” but cool from Extreme Craft: Taxidermied Squirrel Museum — There’s even a side-show with a girlie show. Trust me, it’s that bizarre.

NASA via Laughing Squid – Sunset on Mars

Philip Toledano – Bankrupt Offices

Rick Ross – The Architecture of Authority

Stanford – Italian Anatomical Waxworks

Core 77 Papercraft Guns

Jeremy Harris American Asylums

La Parapluie Fashion Illustrations

BibliOdyssey Japanese Toy Designs (watercolors that have been photographed…)

English Russian – Illustrated Mafia Tombstones

The Vanishing Point – Tailrace Tunnel

BibliOdyssey – Geomancy Almanac

Library of Congress Photos on Flickr

R Todd King – Ice and Snow World in China

Voynich Manuscript Scans

Paleo-Futures – Space Colonies

RC Groups – Fake Tilt-Shift Model Airplane Photos

Adult Oriented Park in DisneyWorld?

The above will take you to the Boing Boing link talking about this.

However, my personal experience is this:

Last week, as I was exiting the Magic Kingdom. (As a lovely time as an adult there.) I over-heard two security gaurds discussing an adult theme park called “Night Kingdom.”

The rumors running around the employees suggests that it will be near Animal Kingdom and operate in the evening, starting at about 4 pm. You’ll have to be over-eighteen to get in. (In fact, they were discussing that it might take a little of the land from Animal Kingdom.)

I would have listened longer, or been nosier, but I was with my family.

I’m crossing my fingers that it comes to pass.

Art: Permanent Vacation

This is pretty cool. Cory Arcangel has created an installation piece of two computers that continually bounce out of office messages at each other. It’s called “Permanent Vacation.”

Maybe not as cool as “Imminent Disaster”, but still pretty cool.