Is your Cat trying to Kill you?

Well, if you’ve done *this* to him? Yes, yes he is trying to kill you.

Kitty Wigs is a real company. First, this should be Japanese. It seems like something that would come out of a culture that includes tentacle-sex fetishes and common groping in the subways. It’s not.

I’m not sure if it’s the US or the UK, but it’s a peculiar insanity that strikes women who have far too much time on their hands and a willingness to be murdered in their sleep by a common housecat.

Well, I suppose that would get them in the papers…

Get a Life Meme -76

Okay, I had to do this one. I scored a 76, which somehow means I have a life. Who knew?

If you do it, give me a heads up so I can take a look.

It was originally posted by Miles Kurland.

I found it on Greg Laden’s Blog.

SUPPOSEDLY if you’ve seen over 85 movies, you have no life. Mark the ones you’ve seen. There are 219 movies on this list. Copy this list, then paste it on facebook or on your blog. Then, put x’s next to the movies you’ve seen, add them up, change the header adding your number, and click publish at the side.

Here we go.

(X) Rocky Horror Picture Show
( ) Grease
(X) Pirates of the Caribbean
(X) Pirates of the Caribbean 2: Dead Man’s Chest
( ) Boondock Saints
( ) Fight Club
( ) Starsky and Hutch
(X) Neverending Story
(X) Blazing Saddles
(X) Universal Soldier
( ) Lemony Snicket: A Series Of Unfortunate Events
( ) Along Came Polly
( ) Joe Dirt
(X) KING KONG which version?
Total so far: 7

( ) A Cinderella Story
( ) The Terminal
( ) The Lizzie McGuire Movie
( ) Passport to Paris
( ) Dumb & Dumber
( ) Dumber & Dumberer
( ) Final Destination
( ) Final Destination 2
( ) Final Destination 3
(X) Halloween
(X) The Ring
( ) The Ring 2
( ) Surviving -MAS
( ) Flubber Orignial version only
Total so far: 9

( ) Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle
(X) Practical Magic
( ) Chicago
(X) Ghost Ship
(X) From Hell
( ) Hellboy
( ) Secret Window
( ) I Am Sam
( ) The Whole Nine Yards
( ) The Whole Ten Yards
Total so far: 12

( ) The Day After Tomorrow
(X) Child’s Play
(X) Seed of Chucky
(X) Bride of Chucky
( ) Ten Things I Hate About You
( ) Just Married
( ) Gothika
(X) Nightmare on Elm Street
( ) Sixteen Candles
( ) Remember the Titans
( ) Coach Carter
( ) The Grudge
( ) The Grudge 2
( ) The Mask
( ) Son Of The Mask
Total so far: 16

( ) Bad Boys
( ) Bad Boys 2
( ) Joy Ride
( ) Lucky Number Sleven
(X) Ocean’s Eleven
(X) Ocean’s Twelve
(X) Bourne Identity
(X) Bourne Supremacy
( ) Lone Star
( ) Bedazzled both versions
(X) Predator I
( ) Predator II
(X) The Fog
(X) Ice Age
(X) Ice Age 2: The Meltdown
( ) Curious George
Total so far: 24

(X) Independence Day
( ) Cujo
( ) A Bron Tale
( ) Darkness Falls
( ) Christine
(X) ET
( ) Children of the Corn
( ) My Bosses Daughter
( ) Maid in Manhattan
(X) War of the Worlds
( ) Rush Hour
( ) Rush Hour 2
Total so far: 27

( ) Best Bet
( ) How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days
( ) She’s All That
( ) Calendar Girls
( ) Sideways
(X) Mars Attacks
(X) Event Horizon
( ) Ever After
(X) Wizard of Oz
( ) Forrest Gump
(X) Big Trouble in Little China
(X) The Terminator
(X) The Terminator 2
( ) The Terminator 3
Total so far: 33

(X) x-Men
(X) x2
( ) x-3
( ) Spider-Man
( ) Spider-Man 2
( ) Sky High
( ) Jeepers Creepers
( ) Jeepers Creepers 2
( ) Catch Me If You Can
(X) The Little Mermaid
(X) Freaky Friday
( ) Reign of Fire
( ) The Skulls
( ) Cruel Intentions
( ) Cruel Intentions 2
( ) The Hot Chick
(X) Shrek
(X) Shrek 2
Total so far: 39

( ) Swimfan
(X) Miracle on 34th street
( ) Old School
( ) The Notebook
(X) K-Pax
( ) Kippendorf’s Tribe
( ) A Walk to Remember
( ) Ice Castles
( ) Boogeyman
( ) The 40-year-old-virgin
Total so far: 41

(X) Lord of the Rings Fellowship of the Ring
(X) Lord of the Rings The Two Towers
(X) Lord of the Rings Return Of the King
(X) Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark
(X) Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
(X) Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
Total so far: 47

( ) Baseketball
( ) Hostel
( ) Waiting for Guffman
( ) House of 1000 Corpses
( ) Devils Rejects
( ) Elf
(X) Highlander
( ) Mothman Prophecies
( ) American History
( ) Three
Total so Far: 48

( ) The Jacket
( ) Kung Fu Hustle
( ) Shaolin Soccer
(X) Night Watch
( ) Monsters Inc.
( ) Titanic
(X) Monty Python and the Holy Grail
( ) Shaun Of the Dead
( ) Willard
Total so far: 50

( ) High Tension
( ) Club Dread
( ) Hulk
( ) Dawn Of the Dead
(X) Hook
(X) Chronicle Of Narnia The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe
(X) 28 days later
( ) Orgazmo
( ) Phantasm
( ) Waterworld
Total so far: 53

(X) Kill Bill vol 1
(X) Kill Bill vol 2
(X) Mortal Kombat
( ) Wolf Creek
(X) Kingdom of Heaven
( ) the Hills Have Eyes
( ) I Spit on Your Grave aka the Day of the Woman
( ) The Last House on the Left
(X) Re-Animator
(X) Army of Darkness
Total so far: 59

(X) Star Wars Ep. I The Phantom Menace
(X) Star Wars Ep. II Attack of the Clones
( ) Star Wars Ep. III Revenge of the Sith
(X) Star Wars Ep. IV A New Hope
(X) Star Wars Ep. V The Empire Strikes Back
(X) Star Wars Ep. VI Return of the Jedi
( ) Ewoks Caravan Of Courage
( ) Ewoks The Battle For Endor
Total so far: 64

(X) The Matrix
( ) The Matrix Reloaded
( ) The Matrix Revolutions
( ) Animatrix
( ) Evil Dead
( ) Evil Dead 2
( ) Team America: World Police
(X) Red Dragon
(X) Silence of the Lambs
( ) Hannibal
Total so far: 67

( ) Battle Royale
( ) Battle Royale 2
( ) Brazil
( ) Contact
( ) Cube
(X) Dr. Strangelove
( ) Enlightenment Guaranteed
( ) Four Rooms
(X) Memento
( ) Pi
( ) Requiem for a Dream
(X) Pulp Fiction
(X) Reservoir Dogs
( ) Run Lola Run
( ) Russian Ark
(X) Serenity
(X) Sin City
(X) Snatch
( ) Spider
(X) The Sixth Sense
( ) The Village
( ) Waking Life
( ) Zatoichi
( ) Ikiru
( ) The Seven Samurai
( ) Brick
( ) Akira

Quotes I love

“The world is full of willing people, some willing to work, the rest willing to let them.” — Robert Frost

“Not only is the universe stranger than we imagine, it is stranger than we can imagine.” — Sir Arthur Eddington

“I have discovered that all human evil comes from this, man’s being unable to sit still in a room.” — Blaise Pascal

“For most of history, Anonymous was a woman.” –Virginia Woolf

“A synonym is a word you use when you can’t spell the word you first thought of.” — Burt Bacharach

“A newspaper consists of just the same number of words, whether there be any news in it or not.” — Henry Fielding

“The big thieves hang the little ones.” — Czech Proverb

“The price of freedom of religion, or of speech, or of the press, is that we must put up with a good deal of rubbish.” — Robert Jackson

“The cure for writer’s cramp is writer’s block.” — Inigo DeLeon

“Take the utmost trouble to find the right thing to say, and then say it with the utmost levity.” — George Bernard Shaw

Focus and Planning

It’s time for me to evaluate what I’m doing with this blog. It used to have a focus. It was only book, game, and music reviews. It most definitely isn’t like that anymore.

I tend to use it as part clearing house and part storage and a little bit of self-confession. I’ve forgotten to review the last six + books I’ve read.

Most of my recent posts are just… random.

Part of me wants to be one of those weirdly professional bloggers who have a nice narrow focus and generate income and that sort of thing.

The rest of me wants to embrace the fact that this is as weird and wildly floating as the net itself.

I threw on a tips jar and I have a few amazon links. That’s about all the ambition I have for this blog. If I were using this as writing forum, I’d try to keep it more focused, like my collectables blog or my weight-loss blog, but I’m not. I’m using this as a place to put down ideas and observations. I’m never going to scoop someone on a big story. I’m not writing The Onion. In fact, I’m not doing anything but putting up ideas and responding to the occasional challenge from across the blogosphere.

I’m going to go with it. I’m going to give up on the “focus” idea and just go for putting up whatever strikes my fancy. Sometimes, you just need a little randomness in your life.

Slice of Life: Bus drivers and stale tootsie-rolls

I’m driving home yesterday and I have to stop for the kids to pile off of the bus. It’s less than a block to my house. Seriously, it’s only two car lengths, but the bus has its little red sign out and the geeks with the yellow reflective bands and the orange flag are directing kids across the street. So, what do you do when you’re bored and you don’t feel like changing your CD? You look around. And I looked at the bus-driver. This was the first time that I hadn’t just seen his hand waving me around before he turns around. He’s adorable. Instant lustful thoughts about a man I would never have noticed. What’s happening to me? Eeek. I’m acting normal! But it was nice, quick little fantasy world. But my bus-drivers were never cute. Never. If they had been, I would have taken the bus more willingly.

It’s holiday time and work has gotten into the act. They’ve put in something like five new CDs of Christmas music. The only positive is that they’ve also put in a BB King two disc set. Finally, something with real soul, not white-bread instru-pop crap. I have a candy dish on the front desk. It’s filled up with stale candy from Halloween (and I’m not sure it was this year) and lolly-pops that were donated by another person from her stores of old Halloween candy. I have to wonder how long it will last. The Halloween candy disappeared like magic. The lollypops seem to be taking a little more time.

I’m procrastinating. I should have already sent out all of my cards and letters for the season, but I haven’t. I haven’t picked them out of the box of cards yet. And I haven’t pulled out my stationary yet. I have a full cabinet of it too. All hale laziness, cousins.

I’m just not really in the mood. I’ve spent more on charity than my family this year. Not that that’s a bad thing. I’ve helped out some people and the kids. It’s frustrating though. I checked the adopt a family tree and there were still most of the ornaments that had been there for the past week and today’s the last day for it. Yesterday, I went and bought a full outfit using the five to seven piece rule so that the mom would have a full week or more of outfits: pants, skirt, jacket, 2 shirts. It works out really well. You can always add in more pieces int he same color pallet. I even went ahead and got a belt and some jewelry and a scarf to go with the set. I’d love to get a present like that. But I’d be just as happy to know that people donated to my favorite causes. Like

Ah, well, I’m in the mood to write a letter, but not to anyone in particular. I should just get off my rump and do it.